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Latin-American Art and Politics

In conjunction with the current exhibition, Artistas de América Latina Sueños y Posibilidades at NJCU Galleries, this panel will feature 4 artists: Jacqueline Herranz Brooks, Tenjin Ikeda, Félix Morelo, and Katherine Miranda - who will discuss their work and practice as they relate to political perspectives. With curator Atim Oton’s moderation they will examine the socioeconomic/political contexts behind their work.

Jacqueline Herranz Brooks is a queer writer and educator from Havana, whose creative journey has been shaped by her rich heritage and personal experiences. Currently residing in New York, Jacqueline seamlessly weaves her identity into her work, utilizing the medium of photography and text to craft autofictional stories. With a profound understanding of the complexities of decolonization and survival, Herranz Brooks delves deep into her Cuban roots, exploring the history and struggles of her native land.

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